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Fraud Prevention Services

Fraud Prevention Services Leading the Future

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Fraud Prevention Support Services

Work to assist nonprofits & organizations with fraud prevention techniques.  Services often cover the following areas:

  • Accounting System Assistance & Review

  • Financial Analysis 

  • Internal Controls

  • Internal Audit Techniques

  • Policy & Procedures

  • QuickBooks Accounting System 

  • Reconciliations

  • Support as required in relation to detection, prevention, & investigations.

Litigation Support Services

Work in the area of litigation support assisting accounting firms, attorneys, executive directors & business owners with forensic accounting and diverse business disputes.   

  • Financial Analysis

  • Document Review

  • Investigative Support

  • Reconciliations

  • Report Writing & Review

  • Support in Relation to Nonprofits & Other Organizations.

* The nature of each project depends on the clients need. 

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