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CMM Consulting Services provides services directly relating to my years of experience in the field as a nonprofit and for-profit financial professional.  Over the years, I held a great interest in problem-solving techniques.   Often, I would be brought in to correct and rebuild accounting records and work through complicated business issues. Whether this was setting up accounting departments, preparing for audits, developing a new accounting system or fixing accounting systems with issues, I enjoyed the challenge in developing creative solutions to solve business and client problems.

My background began in public accounting where I worked for many years, as well as the private sector.  My additional expertise in audits, budgets, financial management, internal audit, board governance and treasury services was developed further in the nonprofit sector.  From my roles in nonprofit management, financial, treasury and board services, I would continue to move my career heavily into the nonprofit sector.  It is through my career path and service in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors that I can offer more as a business professional to many through consulting.  I often find this especially beneficial for the smaller nonprofit organizations that lack the affordability to secure the required professionals to operate properly.  My diverse accounting background and grant writing experience proves beneficial in the area of grant writing and proposal development.  This opens doors to nonprofits seeking experienced individuals to assist on larger RFP's, which often require an experienced grant team.  

As indicated, I currently work with various nonprofits both locally and at a national level.  My roles cover the clients' needs, ranging in positions such as Managing Consultant, Grant & Proposal Writer, Director of Development and Treasurer.  As a consultant, I collaborate with employees, managers, boards and directors in relation to the unique organizational needs.  In addition to this, I work with various clients on matters of disputes analysis and forensic investigations.  As presented in my recent article, “Building You’re A-Team,” I give an overview of my professional experience, education and how my roles in the nonprofit crafted my expertise as a nonprofit and business professional. 

I have a passion for the nonprofit sector, as well as my work in fraud prevention.  I welcome the new challenges and opportunities.

        ~Christine M. Meador, CFE

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