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Priceless Ideas from a Unique View

One of the most amazing benefits in working as a consultant is having the opportunity to assess and assist clients and organizations based on each unique need. A consultant will often bring to surface “an idea” that takes but a moment, yet that idea can be priceless serving the organization for years to come!

I often hear the question, “What is a consultant?” As my work ventures into the “consultant” arena, I will address the consultant title as it relates to my experience. After many years in the field, working with a variety of organizations from nonprofits to for-profits, I have discovered, I enjoy “problem-solving.” I consider a challenge “all the more interesting.” As my professional experience grew across sectors and within organizations, it became clear to me that I could be more productive assisting clients from the outside. Therefore, my role as a consultant is to assist the client or organization, using my expertise in the field, to accomplish projects, issues and more, moving the organization to a successful outcome.

Utilizing a consultant who is an expert in the field can be extremely beneficial to organizations. An experienced consultant with the ability to think beyond one “department” or issue can bring in creative new ideas and solutions reaching the entire organization. Read below as I share feedback from a client testimonial.


Client's response regarding website development project.

​...." I LOVE YOUR IDEA. This sounds really exciting!"

"This is coming along well and there are so many good ideas.

It’s really helped to have you on board thinking of things from a way different perspective."

~John K. Heffner

Owner, History and Relics, LLC.

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