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The "Remote" Option is a Real Solution

CMM Consulting Services offers a variety of “business services.” These “services” have included roles in remote and on-site locations. This blog post is focused specifically on the “remote option” as we move into the idea of many businesses now being required to operate remotely. Smaller businesses may not have the expertise in operating remotely. The key suggestion is if you are in need, secure a professional who has the proven remote management experience.

One of the most fascinating roles for CMM Consulting Services, under the remote umbrella, involved operating in an ongoing annual fully remote role as a Director of Finance and Development for a nonprofit in Colorado.

In a role such as this, the work involved stepping into every aspect of the nonprofit business operation, working directly with the Executive Director. The benefit to this nonprofit, in selecting a smaller based management service, was having the “one-to-one” personal care of an experienced professional. The services included any management need from RFP grant packages, financial grant reports, nonprofit management consulting, business administration, QuickBooks, financial accounting, employee setup, board meeting participation and more.

In the event your business is facing remote challenges, perhaps lacking the ability to operate in this limited fashion, make the decision to make the move. As a professional who has the proven ability to operate an organization with years of remote service, I invite you to connect at the below link.

CMM Consulting Services, LLC.

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